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Payday Loan Consolidation FAQ’s

Does Payday Loan Consolidation Affect My Credit?

Most Payday Loan Companies Do not Report to the credit bureau agencies. In fact payday loan companies use your direct deposit as the credit check.

How are Fees Paid to Us?

Fees vary based on your state you live in. Each state has specific guidelines for Payday Loan Debt relief programs. We have no advance fees for our program fees normally range from 8% to 20% of the enrolled amount of debt into the program. We cannot collect fees without resolving your Payday Loan debt.

How long does the process take For our Payday Loan Consolidation Program?

The process for our payday loan consolidation program takes about 20 minutes for the initial conversation. We will contact your payday loan lenders within 24-48 hours to inform them you are in our Payday Loan Consolidation Program.

How long have we been in Business?

We have been in business going on 8 years. We are 100% confident we can get you out of the cycle you are in and get your finances back in order.

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